Bypassing The FRP On LG K20 Plus Device!

If you’ve tried for recovering the Google account, but it didn’t work out, then this solution to LG K20 plus FRP Bypass is extremely simple for you. You need to go through all the steps mentioned below carefully for removing the FRP Protection from your LG K20 Plus device. This way has applied successfully for the LG K20 plus Metro PCS, TP260, MP260. Now, let’s begin now!

What Does The Factory Reset Protection Mean ?

FRP or Factory Reset Protection is a new security feature added to the devices which is activated when the user sets up the Google Account on his/her phone. Once it is activated, it avoids the device’s use after the factory reset, until the user signs in utilizing the Google password and username earlier set up on that particular device.

Anyways, it is a security measure used by Google for all the phones that are working on the newer Android Versions. It was first launched with the Android 5.1 Lollipop. This amazing feature is activated as soon as the user sets up the Google Account on his/her Android phone. Once activated, it’ll stop the user from utilizing the device until the user enters the previous Credentials of Google Account. And since you do not have those, you may desire to bypass it.Bypass The Google Account On LG Aristo

LG K20 Plus

Essential Drivers And Tools:

  • Mini ADB & Fastboot drivers
  • LG USB drivers
  • ADB FRP Unlocker

Installing Required Drivers And Tools:

  • Install Android ADB Fastboot 1.7.msi
  • Install LG USB drivers.
  • Unpack the ADB FRP Unlocker

Bypass The Google Account On Your LG K20 Plus Device:

Step#1: First of all, connect the device with an accessible Wifi Network.

Step#2: Go back to the Device’s welcome page.

Step#3: Choose the Accessibility button of your Device.

Step#4: Navigate to the Setting button.

Step#5: Choose the vision option from your screen.

Step#6: Switch on the Talkback option of the phone.

Step#7: Write large L on your device’s screen for the Talkback setting > help menu.

Step#8: Now, select the Talkback setting.

Step#9: Hit & Hold the volume up and down buttons until you don’t hear the suspend menu and suspend talkback message pop up.

Step#10: Now, Release the volume keys > tap Ok for confirming the talkback off.

Step#11: Choose the Option of Help & feedback from talkback.

Step#12: Now, search button > write voice and tap the enter key.

Step#13: Select the primary searched result.

Step#14: Hit the play button > share that video.

Step#15: choose more Options > from above, select About.

Step#16: Then, choose Google privacy policy.

Step#17: The Chrome Browser will then open the accept the privacy policy page.

Step#18: In search, menu search the apk file of Quick Shortcut maker.

Step#19: Then, simply download & install it.

Step#20: Open Application > search the Google Account manager.

Step#21: In Google account manager append your new Gmail account.

Step#22: Restart the phone and enjoy the LG K20 plus FRP Bypass.

So this was it, folks, it was our take on how you can Bypass the FRP Lock or remove the Google account verification on your LG K20 plus device. We hope that it was helpful.

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